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Hokusai Tarot by Osvaldo Menegazzi


The Tarocchi Di Hokusai is from "The Arcana" series created by Maestro Osvaldo Menegazzi.

Maestro Menegazzi's love for Japanize culture shines through in this touching tribute to Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849), the premier Japanese artist and printmaker from the Edo period. Hokusai is best known for his woodblock print series 'Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji', which included the iconic print, the 'Great Wave off Kanagawa', created during the 1820s and honored in Osvaldo's deck as the Fool card. This 2018 2nd edition of 22 cards was published in a small print of 250 decks. The large cards measure 3.5" x 7", have square corners and a matt finish. The deck number from the edition will be revealed on the title card after opening the sealed deck. The Box includes a one-page insert with a introduction to the deck.



Osvaldo Menegazzi has a special place the history of great Italian card makers. After graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, he decided to combine his love of art with his love for antique cards and founded the famous Il Meneghello publishing house in 1974. Over the years he dedicated himself to recreating historically significant decks and also creating new and mesmerizing works of art and Tarot. Il Meneghello became a principal publishing house of cards treasured by collectors and museums the world over.