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Cartomancer Cards - Duality Edition - Clarity

Original Price $20.00
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The Cartomancer Poker Deck was created by Alain Benoit as a loving tribute to the classic divination decks of the past.

The deck cleverly weaves the architype concepts of Carl Jung with mysterious vintage style engravings.  The deck follows a classic 52 style playing card deck, but each card is updated with a unique trigger image and key words.  Indeed, the deck can be used for standard card games, but it is intended as a deck for fortune telling and cartomancy.  The many facets of this unique deck make it a wonderful tool for exploring our own relationship to the architypes and exploring how these universal ideas animate our own lives and situation.

Two different decks are available in this Duality Edition. This listing is for the Clarity Deck. The Clarity Deck is for insight and intuition intended to help you explore how the architypes relate to your own life. The Shadow Deck, available separately, with its darker "mirror" images is a companion deck for exploring dreams and secrets. The shadow deck explores things that are hidden and locked away in our own unconscious mind- making it an excellent tool for shadow work.  There are also many creative ways to work with both decks at the same time.

Taken together, this sounds like a lot of concepts to pack into a little 52 card poker sized deck. The Cartomancer deck delivers in a big way, reminding us of the old adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” All in all, the Cartomancer Deck is a beguiling little deck that will enchant and delight the modern cartomancer.

  • Clarity deck for insight and intuition!

  • 56 cards total.  52  cards deck with 2 Jockers and 2 Man/Women cards

  • Poker size cards 2 ½" x 3 ½" in standard Tuck Box

  • Printed by USPCC.

  • Premium Bee stock.

  • Air-Cushion finish.

  • The deck comes with its own Little White Book. The booklet is 32 pages, the size of the tuck box, and contains an introduction to the deck, keyword meanings for each card, and ideas for divination.