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One free Tarot Bag with each order.
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The Dark Mansion Tarot

The Dark Mansion Tarot – a dark deck with a light heart. Fun, whimsical and broody all at the same time. A perfect deck for Halloween and .. well.. every other day of the year.

The Dark Mansion Tarot deck - Regular Version 4th. Edition - Gold edges, brown reversible card backs

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Delightfully delicious, The Dark Mansion Tarot has it all:  Whimsical style, Meaningful detail and outstanding quality.  All of this is wrapped up in a dazzling  Victorian fantasy world.  Every card draws you deeper and deeper into  Krzysztof Wasiuk’s and Magdalena Kaczan’s broody vision where misfit characters shine a mirror on our own quirks, foibles and desires.   based on the classic Rider Waite deck with Pentacles, Wands , Swords and Cups,  Readers will appreciate the attention to detail and the playful interpretation of classic Tarot imagery.  A classic deck with heart and soul that every Tarot reader should have in their collection.

  • Creator: Krzysztof Wasiuk
  • Artist: Magdalena Kaczan
  • 78 Cards + Title card 3 X 4.75
  • High-quality durable paper, finished with silk matt lamination (not shiny, easy to shuffle and pleasant to touch)
  • Matt Gold Edges - amazingly elegant effect!
  • Durable and elegant Carton Flip-Box with gold stamping