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The Secret Language of Light

Experience the Light of your Soul! The impulse to create peace, love and fulfillment is alive within you. This glorious oracle works with the mysteries and secrets of the light to illuminate your rich possibility and inner potential. The light is a constant guide and support, and its language inspires, empowers and activates your soul spark. Step into the wonder of the healing light through the inspired insight of Denise Jarvie and the radiant artwork of Daniel B. Holeman. Access the wisdom of these stunning cards through the specifically designed meditations, reflections, and exercises for divination, contemplation, or revelation. You can also work through the 45 cards and detailed 164-page guidebook for a complete soul mastery class. The language of light speaks to eternity, to life, and to you. Tune into its secrets and shine!

  • 45 Cards measure 3.75" x 5.625”
  • Box measures 4.8” x 6.5"
  • 164-page guidebook
  • Author Denise Jarvie
  • Artist: Daniel B. Holeman

Denise Jarvie

Denise loves to make the unknown known through a doorway of all possibilities, revealing & unfolding a path of self discovery, growth and transformation. Denise loves to nurture and assist those who are asking different questions of life, as they seek a greater meaning and purpose.

Author Denise Jarvie



Daniel B. Holeman

Artistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings often have a strong impact on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally and describe his paintings as the some of the most uplifting pictures they have ever seen.

Daniel's primary role in life is that of a messenger and catalizer for all (who are ready) to realize our Unity. And the art that comes through him is an expression of that role. He is here to assist others in aspiring to their unique purpose and gifts and living from that place - their fullest potential.  He knows that more people being that way will bring about a better world for all Life.


Artist Daniel Holeman


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