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Selecting your first Tarot deck

Selecting your first Tarot deck

One often hears that your first Tarot deck should come to you as a gift.  While gifting a deck is a lovely gesture, it’s not the only way for you to connect with the cards.  What is important is that you listen your intuition.  If a particular deck is speaking to you, you should follow through on what your intuition is saying. Great readers have deep connection with their cards and selecting a deck that is calling you can help cultivate this connection. Remember your first impressions.  This will guide you immensely when making your decision.

 Sometimes you will be drawn to the images or it might be the colors that you feel connected with.  It may be that the cards will pick you and the reasons will be unveiled over time.

Many readers start with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This is a distinguished deck that many of today's decks are derived from.  These cards are chock full of rich and accessible symbolism.  These cards can be easy to read but there is no limit to the depth of insights these cards can reveal.  After many years of Tarot in my life, I still use this wonderful deck.  We offer four sizes:  mini, pocket, standard, and giant.   Personally, I use the standard for readings and the giant cards for ongoing in-depth study.



Bright blessings on your Tarot journey


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