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Infinity: The Lemniscate  Symbol in the Tarot

Infinity: The Lemniscate Symbol in the Tarot

The infinity symbol in the Tarot refers to the infinite nature of humanity. It is showing us that we are forever immortal, and calling our spirit to embark on a journey of infinite transformation.

We first encounter the infinity symbol in the Magician card, here we see the Magician with his arms outstretched pointing the heavens and the earth -  the Spiritual and physical worlds.   He has all the tools for journey set before him on a table.  The Infinity symbol above his head and around his belt remind us that the tools we need for this journey are infinitely at our disposal.


Because this card is the first in the Tarot sequence, we think of the Magician as beginning his journey. However, the infinity symbol reminds us the journey is not is not a one-way trip. The tools are at his disposal but he also appears to be presenting them to others as if he has used them before and knows their value.  It’s almost as if the Magician is at a market or fair presenting the tools. One can picture the baker or butcher at the table or stall next store.   In this setting the magician is showing us that the insights we receive from the journey are to be shared with others just as he is sharing them with us. 


While in the Magician card we see infinity presented with harmony, everything looks a lot more uncertain as we encounter the juggler in the 2 of pentacles.  The rough seas in the background remind us that this card is about the realities of the physical world.  The Juggler appears to be a performer of sorts as evidenced by the silly hat and costume.  All in all, he is doing a good job of keeping everything in balance - even with one foot off the ground.  He is showing us that balancing the realities of the physical world are achievable – But after all this is just a performance – an act of sorts.  Ultimately the concept of infinity needs bigger view beyond the physical world to be fully realized.  The juggler is showing us how ridiculous we look balancing a few worldly things when we really need to embrace the much larger concept of balance of infinity that was presented to us by the magician.



The uncertainty  of the juggler is gone as we approach the Strength card. Here a beautiful madden is at ease with the king of beasts.  She is comfortable directing his very pose.  She is crowned with a flowery laurel on her head, above which floats a lemniscate. This is not an image of power over the beast but one of balance.  The spiritual and the physical world here are in harmony.  Our vision at this moment is more holistic and the stage is set for transcendence.



Finally, we reach the world card; the last card in the Major Arcana. We see a joyous naked woman dancing in the middle of a laurel wreath.  She appears to have achieved perfect balance and is floating between the heavens and earth. She is also surrounded by the symbols that represent the 4 elements and 4 corners of the World.   We see the red ribbons of the Lemniscate tied in figure eights around the top and bottom of the wreath.  This is the completion of a long journey; the culmination of the Fool’s journey.  The wreath also reminds us of a doorway or opening and with one step the seeker will step through the laurel and the journey will begin anew.



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Jesse Noelle - April 30, 2023

Great article! This is the first time I’ve ever come across a description of the lemniscate in the World card as the red ribbon round the laurel wreath. Fabulous observation! Thank you for sharing!

tommy - November 24, 2021

I actually did pull these three cards today – Magician, Strength, and 2 of Pentacles! Now the personal coincidence is my moon is in leo-virgo cusp! But what is the lemniscate really? I think it’s the toroidal heart bindu/ electromagnetic field, especially as the 2 of pentacles represents the element of earth in the 2nd position on the tree of life, and therefore in its original sense means sort of “perceiving vibrations.” The magician also relies on the heart’s energy field to do manifesting. The quality of strength also comes from the heart’s energy field. And the heart’s energy field is that part of us which is eternal. Or as Solomon wrote, ‘protect your heart bc it is the wellspring of life.’

Kelly Wood - November 6, 2021

Thank you for the insight on the infinity symbol. I did a reading for myself for the new year. 3 card spread. The wheel of fortune, strength, and the magician. Two of which have infinity symbol.

Lynn Colwell - September 20, 2020

The Magician is my lifetime symbol and all the times I have focused on this card, I have not really noticed or go cursed on the infinity. I recently had a vision during a meditation in which Soul showed me this symbol. I had focused on the Magician card before the meditation, but as I said, I have never really noticed or focused on the symbol above his head. Lo and behold when I looked back at the Magician card after the meditation the symbol popped out at me! Now to read and realize all the cards with this symbol and their meanings, I am blown away. Thank you!

Freida Maverick - March 11, 2020

Thank you very much for this great explanation of the lemniscate symbol in tarot, William. The description for each of the cards here make a lot of sense, and I can see how I could apply the meanings for the lemniscate symbol when these cards appear in a reading. In particular, what you wrote about the two of pentacles gave me a whole new perspective – and a much deeper one at that – of this card.

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