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Titled after the Icelandic word for wind, The Vindur Deck v II is a hand-painted 78-card tarot deck crafted with you in mind.

Leah Pantéa's Vindur deck is at once Modern, Minimal, Elegant and Timeless. The Vindur deck is full of bright energy and will help connect you with forces that are deeply felt but often unseen. Created and Self Published over the course of a year. The Deck contains elements from The Rider-Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, nature, our bodies and modern design elements. A timeless inclusive-a deck that can truly be passed through generations without becoming outdated.

- Guidebook features zodiac ties, numerology, and a story arc of each of the elemental characters, offering something for the tarot reader of every level.



The Vindur Deck, v.II

The Vindur Deck, Guidebook and Screen-printed tarot bag


The Vindur Deck only


Creator Leah Pantéa 

Leah Pantéa (Lee-uhh Pan-tay) is a fine artist and illustrator living in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado, which was likely the reason her number one influence and point of joy is sunlight. Leah's work all revolves around access to the mysterious (major high priestess energy!) When Leah is not in the studio, she can be found getting into the sunlight, reading, snacking, and snuggling her two cats: Chauncy and Castiel.