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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.
Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.

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Such a beautiful deck

Love the artwork, and the book gives a new insight to the meaning of the cards. Really love this.


I am super happy with my purchase. I know this deck is a classic for a reason. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with it. Definitely giving me Autumnal vibes. Thank you so much

No sample of size

Card stock quality is fine, problem with website not showing size as a sample. My purchase was a mistake because of this.

These cards are official bridge size cards. Specifically, they are 2.25' X 3.5' So sorry if this was not clear in the product description. We will ask our team to add the exact measurements. - Phillip TarotArts.

Heri 1718

Yves Renaud’s decks are always excellent value, high quality productions. This slightly larger, close facsimile originally created by Francois Heri in 1718, nearly but not exactly conforms to the basic pattern familiar from the Madenie, Chosson and Conver decks, et al. The carving is masterful, but perhaps not as refined as Madenie’s. Uniquely, the card’s subjects in this deck are fully revealed, on each side, without getting cut off by the frame. The stenciling is fairly rough, particularly the red areas. In many places it appears the stencil was slightly misaligned; or the ink was daubed on by hand in lieu of any stenciling at all. The odd-numbered sword cards are especially terrifying for this reason, as the blades are half-inked in opaque red, and highly suggestive of blood. Furthermore, 2 court cards display an entirely different shade of red, which suggests the possibliity that this deck was cobbled together from 2 or more disparate printings of Heri’s blocks. The Ace of Deniers (and the Ace de Bastons, less so) is a hot mess of smears, but L’ermite is truly beautiful, with a brown Franciscan-style habit; Arcana 13 is also refreshingly novel, a tan figure astride a field of well-articulated yellow, without the typical black ground. It’s impossible to view this deck without thinking about the early 18th century labor practices; this deck, so unlike our digital decks, was entirely hand-made, each iteration unique, likely stenciled or painted in part by children in studios lit by lantern or candle. It might be a challenge for some of us modern folk, so tainted by machine precision, to embrace this deck’s imperfections. But it also shows a return to a hand-made world, steps closer to Tarot’s origins, and closer to its craftspeople and artisans who carried Tarot forward.

Superb service from TarotArts, as usual.

A beautiful addition

I had been eyeing this deck for a while and I’m so happy I finally went for it. The art is beautiful, the texture is matte and sophisticated, and the cards I have pulled have been on point. This is the perfect oracle for a green witch or any flora/fauna enthusiast.

The Chossen 1672

From the moment I received it I could tell it something special - It’s light to the touch , the art work, colors , and shading are exquisite - I love the rounded corners and the subtle texture ; it shuffles like a dream - I have not gone a single day without using it since it arrived - It’s a masterpiece -Yves Reynaud is giving it away at this price . I just love it.

Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful artwork. Sturdy card stock.

Shadowscapes tarot set

The cards are lovely watercolor illustrations. The cards are large for my female hand, and made with a thick cardstock. There's no texture, so a very slick surface when shuffling. Idc! They're so beautiful 😍, and look gorgeous in my tarot card stand!!

Fortuna Tarot Deck (Opal Aura edition)

I have not used the cards yet, but they are EXQUISITE. Because these cards deviate from the popular RWS fracks, they probably wouldn't be a good choice for a novice, but just the beauty of the deck itself makes a stunning addition for any collector.

Tarot of Oppositions

Witches' Wisdom Oracle Cards

Deluxe Wooden Runes
dustin bailey

The packaging was elegant and tidy, and the handy shipping tracker was accurate to the minute. The product itself, the wooden deluxe Runes, is gorgeous! The box they are stored in is just top shelf quality, and the Runes themselves finely finished and exactly what i wanted. A couple of the letters on the tiles were light, but that just sets them apart as mine; unique. I am already perusing the site for more items to purchase. Thank you!

Very Nice

Play a game with 6 decks so we can just put them away in lovely bag rather than the bunch of individual boxes.

Robledo Dodal Amazing for the price!

Now because of absolutely buttery shuffling, and the beauty and clarity of the images, it is my favorite deck. Thanks to you, I now have two copies and I am very happy and satisfied.


Beautiful, well made bag with an equally beautiful deck of cards. Seamless business transaction, fast service. Highly recommended!

Terrific So Far

We used these to play Hand and Foot with player with very limited sight. Was concerned that these cards would not work for forming canastas. Worked beautifully. Player with limited sight said these cards were the best she had played with.

Love the mini tarot cards.

nice set of cards

I love these cards, The smaller size is easy to shuffle but big enough to see well. Thanks for the free velvet bag, I bought a set for my daughter too, she want's to learn Tarot so I got the famous Pictorial Key to the Tarot book for her to learn from. That's the first Tarot book I learned from 50 years ago. You shipped promptly as well.

Sound Bath Sunday

First off it was such a great experience for my first time ever trying this. And the intention portion of it was so good. For example someone wrote in their anonymous intention, ptsd healing. The sounds vibrations they played sent chills through my body. It felt like electricity. Truly a new beautiful experience. I highly recommend this experience to anyone at Tarot Arts.


Purchase was seemless, delivered quillly. The deck itself is stunning and one of my favorites. Highly recommend both seller and deck

The Best

Orders always arrive quickly and are accurate. These guys are dependable and carry an amazing array of top product. The Best!

The Antique Anatomy Tarot

Spanish Rider-Waite Tarot
Sandra Betancourt
Highly recommend

Loved the cards and art on them

Tarot Illuminati Kit
Hillary Mull
Digital print is lower quality than original

The deck is the new digital print of the original artwork and made in China, unlike the first edition. Having seen the original art, I’m certainly disappointed by the quality of the prints, but it is still beautiful. The book is lovely also. Just want to warn buyers that this NOT the 2013 artwork or production quality.

So Sorry this deck wasn't everything you expected. I can confirm that we only sell and ship the official version of this - and all decks on our site - as authorized by the deck creators. Purchases on help support the original artists and authors and we never sell unauthorized versions that circumvent the artists or reputable publishers. Thank you - Phillip TarotArts

Same Darcy Queen Alice