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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.
Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.

TarotArts Reviews

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Talisman Tarot
Brad Gadberry
Dynamic and Appealing

I’m enjoying getting to know the Talisman Tarot from TarotArts.

The box describes the deck as a “Monoprint tarot inspired by Magic, Cartomancy, & the Tarot de Marseilles.” I am not crazy about tuck boxes (who is?), but this is one of the nicest, maybe the nicest, I have handled: sturdy, pretty, and wonderfully tactile. I was offered a free matching velvet bag as well.

The images have a primitive (in the best sense), cave-drawing-like feel. I find this very appealing. What’s happening in the card doesn’t immediately present itself. You have to look at the card for a while and let the image emerge. For me, the effect of this is that studying and working with the cards is a more dynamic process than with obvious representational imagery.

In the suits, the creator (Oli Starfrosting) used a cool, predominately blue palette for the “hard” or “active” suits, and a hotter, predominately red palette for the “soft” or “passive” suits. This struck me as backwards or at least counter-intuitive at first, but now that I have spent some time with the deck, it feels right. These palette choices somehow “calibrate” the deck, dialing up the energy for the low-energy suits and dialing it down for the high-energy suits.

I find the court cards an especially strong aspect of the deck. With more traditional decks, we derive the energy of the card predominantly from the rank and suit. Here the imagery is also strongly comminicating a certain energy. Also, I’m finding it easier to bring out and ponder a shadow side to the court figures.

For whatever reason, the orientation (i.e. whether the figure faces left or right) is reversed from the TdM standard for most but not all of the court cards:

Page of Coins
Queen of Coins
King of Coins
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Swords
Page of Wands
Knight of Wands
Page of Cups
Knight of Cups
Queen of Cups
King of Cups

I have yet to figure out if there is any system or layer of meaning to these choices on how to orient the figures.

I’m sensing that a main value of this deck is that I will be able to apply what I know, what I have worked out, for TdM as a whole, but also be able to think about the imagery in a freer, more intuitive way. Hope so.

Excellent quality, arrived fast

I love my druid tarot cards. I also really like the incense you carry. It may be the best incense I've ever purchased. The scents are authentic to the description and it burns slowly without the black,inky smoke that many cheaper brands produce.

Nicer and bigger than expected

This bag is great. A bigger size, soft, nice colors, and really super. I was pleasantly surprised

Beautiful, whimsical, usable

This is a very high-quality deck. The art is fun and engaging, the colors are brilliant, the cardstock is very sturdy, the box is even pretty great. I have one complaint keeping it from five-star, which is that they stick together terribly. I think this will become less of an issue over time and use, but for the moment it's really awful trying to get a good shuffle.

Absolutely gorgeous!

These cards are beautiful and the finish on them is fantastic as well! I hope the guidebook is finished soon!

i am not in love

i think the cards are fine… they are just not speaking to me personally

High-quality Classic

The Moon Baby Tarot brings the wonderfully 70s take of the Hoi Polloi into the modern day with cleaner colors, type, and linework. The MB uses a more limited color palette than the HP, perhaps to its detriment, but keeps a beautiful 70s feel to the production, particularly enhanced by the more appropriate typeface than was used on the HP. It’s all finished off with a lovely matte edging in an avocado green.

The production quality is top notch. The cards are thick yet still shuffle well, helped by the finish on the cards. The box is thick and sturdy; the two parts of the box fit together snugly; and the whole thing is easy to open.

As with most Tarot decks, MB comes with 80 cards, and I love how the two extras have been handled: we get second Strength and Justice cards with their numbers reversed. The HP had Justice as 8, even though it uses RWS artwork which has it at 11. MB splits the difference by giving you a Justice with 8 and another with 11; same for Strength. That way, your deck can use the order you prefer, no matter that order.

The Moon Baby Tarot is excellent overall and definitely worth a purchase.

Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck Small

My Favorite Deck

This has quickly become my favorite deck. I love the simplicity and elegance of the artwork and the accompanying guide book is well thought out. The readings I’ve done have been spot on. This is a truly wondrous deck.

Very nice


I received my beautifully packaged tea cup saucer and guide book, very promptly and very securely wrapped. The cup is delightful. Very pleased. Thank you!

Love the large size Slavic Legends

The Slavic Legends Tarot is so beautiful! I am so glad I got the large size to fully appreciate the incredible detail. TarotArts is fantastic to buy from and the shipping was fairly quick!

The Mary-El Tarot
Timber Gooding
Awesome deck! Redesigned packaging!

This deck reads like no other. I was skeptical to purchase it due to the countless reviews on-line about the printing/packaging. They have made many important improvement! With trimmed boarders, silver gilded edges, the improved packaging, sealed cards with less glossy finish… made this an awesome experience from TarotArts!!! Thank you for providing access to this incredible deck. The artwork, imagery, the card stock, everything is an A+!

Quick to update and remedy

Wow! super quick attention to the issue I posted! So, Im changing my review to 5 stars!

Beautiful cards

They are the right size and also very pretty . . My friend loved them.

high quality products

my order arrived in a very timely manner and the quality of the products exceeded expectations

The Bag? Really?

The Bag is well-made and capacious enough for the accompanying Tarot deck. If you want to look like a serious Tarot reader, you have to pull the deck out of an elegant-looking bag. This one is, I believe, magenta in color, and that pretty much says it all.

The Faery Forest
Teresa Passmore

The Faery Forest

Bought as a gift

Bought the owl tarot cards as a gift and the were TOTALLY LOVED!!


This is my second purchase in a month. I find cards on here I can find no where else. Fast Shipping, Careful Packing easy to use website. It’s such a pleasure doing business with them.

Must Have

They are amazingly beautiful cards! Very glad I bought them and have been connecting with them since. Very loving deck with powerful information.

The Slavic Legends Tarot: Standard size edition with Black Card Edges & Book-Shaped keepsake box


I connected with these right away. They are so beautiful.

Tarot bag

I love how soft and stretchy the bag is, as well as the color choices available!

Giant Rider-Waite Tarot