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TarotArts Reviews

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Very sturdy cards, and so beautiful! A little hard to shuffle but great instructions on how to best shuffle!

Beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. It is a deck that reaches deep below the subconscious. I love it!

Beautiful cards Beautiful product

Excellent Series with Charming, Engaging Teacher

This is an incredibly interesting & informative series. James is so incredibly well read, and his collection is impressive. He is also an engaging teacher, sharing his enthusiasm and planning some exercises to expand the experience of each lecture. He has a self- effacing charm, and credits the people and the works that have informed him, and makes the information very accessible. He has a gift for condensing larger concepts without diminishing them. He has a bibliography for each class and recommendations for expanded readings on some of the topics. His level of in-depth study also attracts class mates that add interesting facets to the experience. I highly recommend this series of lectures & certainly will look forward to offerings by James Jude in the future.

Beautiful bonus extra – large Thoth deck fits perfectly.

Great personal customer experience

Received my product in a very timely manner in a nice package with a personal handwritten note. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Great service

I recently ordered a Templar Knights Tarot deck. The customer service that I received and the timeliness of the delivery was great!

Beautiful cards!

I chose the Gilded Tarot Royale deck for its beauty. It’s my first foray into Tarot and I needed to be fascinated with the deck in order to hang in there while I learn.


Cards are impossible to get out of the box without ruining the box! Text on the cards requires a magnifying glass or good vision to read. Cards are not easily recognizable if you are familiar with Tarot and the guidebook is critical. Guidebook looks like a cheap printing in black and white. Images are redundant and unclear. I know many people love this Tarot but I am not one of them!!!! Perhaps it will grow on me.

Absolutely gorgeous deck, and I love how the author weaves so many various elements and symbols into the cards and booklet. ❤️

Excellent beginner tarot kit!

Well done. Very dark. Prepare for an interesting pull.

Not my favorite deck to be honest. Major arcana is done well enough but the lack of detail on the 2-10 suit cards is lackluster.

This is a well crafted set. Great art, sturdy packaging, amazing accompanying book and an extra touch of gilding.

The art is absolutely amazing and the expansive guidebook is fantastic.

Great class

Loved learning every time I come to class. I feel more and more confident about learning how to read a tarot card. Just need to practice more. But the classes are so much fun and very informative. It’s such a fun class.

Love the details in the cards and the card stock is perfect. The guide book is awesome especially love the explanation and the cards in color

Very pretty and quick delivery!

Gorgeous deck I resonate with and I use it for readings periodically as needed

The product arrived in perfect condition, it’s very beautiful

Beautiful artwork. The cutest deck ever.

Fast shipping, excellent quality cards.

Shipping was fast and it was packaged well. I will order again from this store.
As for the deck, I thought the photography was well done. It is a beautiful deck however I didn’t care for the thin card stock. I would have liked to see a design on the card backs too. I love the large size of the cards but with the thin card and plain backs it leaves me wanting more for the price. It feels flimsy and plain and doesn’t speak to me like I thought it would. Such a shame for such beautiful photography. A small guide book could have helped complete the idea a bit more and would have been nice too.

Beautiful cards. This shop is such a pleasure to buy from.