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TarotArts Reviews

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oracle cards

They are great, easy to use and very accurate!

Baroque Tarot
Phyllis T.
Beautiful Deck

These cards are nice! The art is Rider-Waite compatible, borderless and beautiful…a little dark with an air of mystery too. I not only like the card size but the quality and finish are exceptional as well. The magnet closed box is sturdy. This is a really nice, beautiful and very usable deck. It could easily become a favorite. I do always like to read about the deck creator and found that missing from your site.
My order arrived promptly (as always) and was packaged lovingly in classic TarotArts style. Thank you for your attention to detail and your ever increasing, wonderful selection of tarot cards.

The Good Karma Tarot: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading the Cards


one of the best tarot shop!

Generous offer!

I was so excited to receive a free tarot bag! Love the color and quality! Thank you so much, it makes for great customer service and a company with people who care about their products. Thank you!

Tinker's Damn Tarot • Revised 2nd Edition

It's a really interesting deck. Well resonates with requests. Makes me take a closer look at the details and go beyond the regular meaning. Another good working deck in my big collection.

Beautiful art if you love animals

I use this deck regularly. Love the artwork, the quality of the paper, and matte finish. Packaging is special box with sliding upright cover. Bought a second as a gift.

They are great

I am still waiting on the 2nd deck as I ordered 2


They are awesome! Was surprised at how large they were, but love them!😊 thank you!

Velvet Tarot Bag - Free with Order
Latoyea Hawkins Cockrill
Love it

Fits perfectly in my hands and they look great, too.

Beautiful high quality deck!

I am SO happy with these cards! There is so much to love about this deck. The artwork is remarkably beautiful. Also the stock is high quality, the cards are not cheap and flimsy. The coating is superb, not slick or glossy and hard to handle, but smooth and flat and silky to the touch. This is a well priced very good quality deck of cards, I am thrilled with my purchase!

Dark Mirror Oracle
Tyheed Roane
A Cautionary Tale!

The reason I choose this particular deck is because how unique it is from the others I’ve seen and touched so far. These oracle cards can show us how dark thoughts and feelings can be easily spotted in society, and also how they can be evaded or slightly utilized for our own survival, especially in these challenging times.

Il Meneghello's Visconti Sforza reproduction is the best version of this progenitor deck that I've seen. The bright, vibrant pigments and strong contrasts feed our eyes accustomed to modern printing techniques. (Maybe the flesh is too white). The cardstock achieves a nice, moderate balance between thick and thin, with a semi-glossy face, and matte backs. As always with Il Meneghello, the box is robust, beautifully designed and crafted; the thoughtful production values present throughout the deck encourage gratefulness in the buyer despite the high price. The book is not as useful as one would like; translation problems have been somewhat improved since previous Dorsini volumes, but many still remain, and a few of her readings of the images are completely wrong, in my view. Finally, the 4 replacement cards are better than in any other decks, but not entirely on the mark. The Knight of Coins replacement is attired incorrectly, based on the other three members of his suit; the Tower is Marseille-y. Is the Three of Swords inverted? Regardless, this is a lovely, wonderful deck, the best of its kind, and highly recommended.

Beautiful, insightful oracle based on historic images

The oracle comes in a satin yellow-gold bag tucked within a beautiful, solid box. The cards are quite pretty and include keywords. The booklet (stapled spine) has additional keywords, deeper meanings, advice and possible card combinations. The history of the card images is fascinating, and it’s always interesting to see how timeless and relevant human experiences are over time, like stubbornness and sorrow. The oracle reads very well and is resonant and on point. My only wish is that the cards were smaller and the stock a bit thicker. The cards are fairly thin, made worse by the larger size. Even so, it’s a keeper!

Alchemical tarot 6th edition

Love the tarot. I bought both the 5th and 6th editions on here and both are great. One card in the 6th edition was bent and they immediately sent a replacement. I love that their shipping is only $6 and they send a tarot bag with every order.

Jane Austen Playing Cards
Latoyea Hawkins Cockrill
I'm a fan

I always liked Jane Austen books. Now I can enjoy playing cards with Austen inspired characters. Sweet!

Talisman Tarot
Cynthia Tedesco Tedesco
Talisman Tarot

Gorgeous tarot: 'pip' style but manages to be a 'conversation for reading...'

The Dark Mansion Tarot deck

The cardstock & 'feel' of this deck is great. The backs are beautiful. The quality of printing is excellent, and the artwork is wonderful. Very happy to finally own this deck.

Dreaming Way Tarot
Valerie Cheski

A lovely deck! Love the artwork!

Velvet Tarot Bag - Free with Order

The Star Tarot 2ed edition
Desiray Salisbury
Not a favorite

Cards are blurry in many areas on the cards. I already have a hard time seeing and this makes it even more difficult. Not sharp

Lovely Book

This book is FUN! Just like Dame Darcy’s decks. There is lots of empty space to add you own thoughts on individual cards (if you can get yourself to mark up your book). Have no fear the book is wonderful without your own additions…if some pages were not blank there would be serious sensory overload. I enjoyed reading the blurb on DD’s background. FUN FUN FUN (and informative) book.
Did I mention how much I love TarotArts too?

Love the concept and the book is awesome. The cards aren’t easy to shuffle but I’m sure that will become less awkward as I work with them. Great addition.

This deck is awesome!

I really like black and white decks, this one does not disappoint me! My favorite card is the 9 of swords, wringing their hands in worry and the 4 of cups is hilarious, like they are twiddling their thumbs in boredom! Beautiful card stock is always a plus too. This deck really does well with the hand signals that we all so often use. I am very happy with this deck in my collection.

A Duality of life and dreams.

The oracle deck is totally unlike any other I’ve seen nor heard of before. This one is very unique as it offers a cosmic yet fantastical style, combined with dark images that blend well with spiritual aspects. I like it very much.