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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.

TarotArts Reviews

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Incredibly detailed deck. No book but follows RWS so you really don’t need one.
On the dark side but in a good mysterious way. Really beautiful deck.

Nice deck

Beautiful colors. Richly detailed illustrations to draw from. Inclusive. Lovely book. Nice amount of keywords for each card (roughly 6-10). Each card description is enough to give insight and ideas without being too overwhelming. Wild card back design. A really nice deck.

Botanical Tarot

Arrived very quickly and very protected. Gorgeous deck! Nice to know my future readings are in good hands. Thank you!

Wonderful deck!

Artwork lovely and touching as with The gentle Tarot. Guidebook informative and interesting and very well-written. This will become a treasured deck, I’m sure. Can’t wait to start using it.

Color your world with this deck

A truly special creation. Each card representing a moment in time, revealing the energy of the story it tells. I have only begun my relationship with this deck and look forward to working together with the messages it extends.

Proud To Recommend

This is an excellent book that I've been proud to recommend to friends, including friends who aren't into Tarot.


The detail in this deck is stunning. I love the mix of nature and fantasy. The images really speak to me and have plenty of detail when reading a spread.

timeless alchemical structure

I'm thrilled with the sense of immediate accessibility I experienced as soon as I received this deck. The box is its own work of art, and the individual cards have instilled a deeper appreciation of the twentieth and twenty first century alchemy decks in my collection. I really like how easily the cards handle for shuffling and study, and the way they glow just a little due to the subtle gold tracings in the borders. The aesthetics of this particular edition are a through-line to the history of tarot cards and human divination.

This Might Hurt Tarot Deck
Benjamin Robinson

This deck is a gilded delight! It shuffles rainy and the artwork is splendid!

Splendor Solis Tarot
Carrie Fields

This is the most beautiful deck I have seen. Truly a masterpiece.

Modern Witch Tarot
Jane Rivera

i love the deck its so energetic! the art is lovely as well.

Kali Oracle
Very Potent

Beautiful deck! If you are looking for a tough but nurturing approach, this deck is for you.

Great cards!

This cards a beautiful/ I really love using them.

Stunning Depiction of a Rare Deck

This deck has exceeded my expectations! So much so that I had to purchase another one. It’s just that beautiful. The card stock is lovely in the hand, the color palette is sublime and the facial features …you may want to see for yourself. I do believe that the Empress is winking!
Exceptional quality and a gorgeous representation of this particular Tarot de Marseille deck.
Thank you TarotArts for your amazing collections!

Morgan-Greer Tarot in a Tin

Pablo Robledo does it better. just the best.

so.... there are so many decks out there, but i really really wanted this one by Pablo Robledo for the quality and subtlety and the colors and overall isness and vibe and artistry and brilliance, the high vibration. a work of art.

Wanderer's Tarot
Taryn Garland
Beautiful cards

Absolutely beautiful cards, everything I could ask for! BUT as someone BRAND NEW to tarot, i found myself struggling to identify some of the cards.

A True Masterpiece

This is a massive tome, and those who are willing to read it will undoubtedly find something to learn and much value. The book covers the subject of tarot in amazing detail, from learning how to shuffle the cards all the way to developing a professional code of ethics. In my view one can't go wrong diving into and losing oneself in Holistic Tarot. As always, service and shipping from Tarot Arts was beyond compare. Highly recommended.

The Mary-El Tarot
Marti Tsagrinos
Gorgeous and compelling.

What a gorgeous deck! The artwork is just stunningly beautiful. The guidebook is so rich and detailed. The only issue is the card stock is quite stiff, making for not the easiest shuffling but I think will resolve itself in time. This is not a beginner deck or for the faint of heart. A lot of nudity in the art so if you are the shy and bashful type, move on. Again, the art is nothing short of stunning. Especially in the Wands suit. Vibrant colors and images. I can't say enough about these cards. If you enjoy a more compelling deck, then this is the one for you.

Connolly Tarot
C. Ramsay
Connolly Tarot

I’ve always used the Connolly deck. Everyone has a special deck that works for them. This is mine. Thank you for the fast shipment!

Outstanding Tarot Deck!

Love the “The Dark Mansion” tarot deck! It’s quickly becoming my favorite
tarot deck. High quality & a treat to shuffle. There’s no book, but it’s a very
intuitive deck. Received my copy quickly as well. Highly recommend!!

Substantive & Deep

This deck's artwork by Danielle Barlow is truly gorgeous. The meaty A5 guidebook by Phyllis Curott offers a lot of support for beginners as well as supplying insights for intermediate and seasoned readers. The Majors have two pages of information divided into the categories of Wisdom, Essence, Counsel, and Magic. It's worth noting that this group of cards' order is inverted, and placed at the end of the deck and guidebook. In the latter, the Majors info is followed by a two page chart that shows the cards' correspondence to specific RSW deck's upright and reversed Majors. The Minors' are sequenced air, fire, water and earth. Their entries cover a single page with the same four topical divisions. The gorgeous artwork elevates the natural world's details and grand vistas with wonderfully sensitive focus on animals as well as people engaged in their essential magical activities; often accompanied by a familiar or two. This set would make a lovely gift for nature and animal lovers, gardeners, and plant readers, whether or not they consider themselves witches. After studying the cards for a numbers of days, I've concluded this deck reminds me ) of Chesca Potter's soul-grabbing illustrations for The Greenwood deck, which holds the additional similarity of re-ordering the majors to correspond with the Wheel of the Year. The cards and book initially smelled amazingly alive and green, and the scent continues to linger in a very pleasant and soothing way. Think sweetgrass and roses, rather than printer's ink.

The Vindur Deck
Rene lambert

Great deck!

a very eloquent deck

Have had my eye on this deck for awhile and am ever so glad to get to know it in person. As always, Robert M. Place's line work and color choices are impeccable and transporting. Someone else has created a guidebook that RMP links to on his website. I bought it, but am still focused on learning from the deck itself. Probably my favorite self-indulgence/learning tool in the last few years! Also very much agree with the review from JMMcK.