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The New Orleans Oracle Deck

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Awaken your soul with the powerful New Orleans Oracle Deck. This deck perfectly captures the style and essence of New Orleans with beautiful illustrations that are both grounding and inspirational. Whether you are looking for answers to a specific question or directional clarity these cards can put you in touch with your intellectual energy and intuition and provide clarity and inspiration.

The culture of New Orleans plays a significant role in inspiring this deck because New Orleans is a place that inspires people to find, accept, and be themselves as is. We live in a time when looking outside of ourselves for confirmation has become the norm. This deck was created as a tool to bring back the comfort of going within to listen to—and grow — in our trust of self.

  • 33 Cards
  • Guidebook
  • Self Published
  • Author:  Fatima  Mbodj
  • Artist: Lori Felix

Fatima Mbodj

Fatima is a celebrity Psychic and Tarot reader. She is a first-generation American whose multi-generational gifts stem from the roots of her rich West Indian-West African Caribbean heritage. For the past 14 years, Fatima has specialized in harnessing her intuitive abilities in order to help her clients gain clarity and understanding in every aspect of their lives; from business and career, to love, relationships, and spirituality.














Lori Felix

Lori is an award winning artist residing in Picayune, Mississippi. Her passion for art has taken her far and wide throughout the country. Traveling throughout the diverse terrains in the United States has been a large inspiration in her art. She uses a wide array of organic textures, recycled can lids, tree bark, and hand-made papers in her mixed media collages.