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Oriental Tarot 1845


  A faithful limited edition reprint of a rare, long lost, Tarot held at the Academy of Sciences in Turin.

The Oriental Tarot by Claudio Foudraz does not appear in any Encyclopedia of Tarot or in catalogues of antiques. This deck was rediscovered by chance in 2010, by Giuliano Crippa, president of the Italian section of the International Playing Cards Society, but this discovery was only made public in 2014, in The Playing Card magazine, by another member of IPCS, Nicola De Giorgio.

The Foudraz deck is kept in the form of uncut sheets at the archive of the Academy of Sciences of Turin, which has authorized this reprint edited by Giordano Berti and published in co-production by Rinascimento – Italian Style Art and Araba Fenice Publ.

In the booklet that accompanies the deck, Giordano Berti describes the fashion of “chinoiserie” that inspired the Oriental Tarot by Claudio Foudraz and reports the results of an unpublished research regarding the activity of this lithographer.

The Set is available in two different packages. The Deluxe version comes in a book-shaped box, created by the art designer Letizia Rivetti and produced by expert Italian artisans. The Standard Version comes in a two-piece telescopic box covered with the same marbleized paper. Each Set also includes a leaflet with the divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and some methods of reading written by Giulia Orsini.

  • Publisher: Araba Fenice and Rinascimento Italian Style Art, Italia, 2016
  • Curator: Giordano Berti
  • 2016 Limited edition: 700 copies, numbered and hand signed
  • Deck: 78 cards + 1 certificate of Authenticity with serial number; hand signed by Giordano Berti
  • Available in a deluxe book shaped art box designed by Letizia Rivetti or standard Keepsake two-piece telescopic box.  Both boxes are covered with marbled tobacco paper and created by local artisans in Italy.
  • Dimension of the cards: approximately 4.5" × 2.67" 
  • Booklet: written by Giordano Berti. 18 pages in full colors with historical information on this deck
  • leaflet with the divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and some methods of reading written by Giulia Orsini.

Rinascimento Italian Style Art is a creator, publisher and artistic team founded by historian of esotericism in art Giordano Berti and art designer Letizia Rivetti. The project is committed to historical study and reproduction of ancient Tarots, rare playing cards and oracular decks.



Giordano Berti

Giordano is a writer and historian of esotericism in Art, known throughout the world for historical studies on the Tarot and for the design of educational games

Letizia Rivetti

Letizia is an art designer, founder of ArtStudioLetizia, creator of spectacular environments, art installations and art objects.

Artist  Letizia Rivetti