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Everyday Witch Oracle

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Created by Deborah Blake and lovingly illustrated by Elisabeth Alba, the Everyday witch Oracle is both a fun and useful tool for the modern Witch. Perfect for simple spreads or pull a “card a day” for inspiration, reflection, divination, and Magic. Unlike the Tarot, these cards have no fixed meaning, but the excellent guidebook offers possible interpretations to gently guide you and help you uncover your own truths. These cards are full of whimsy but the messages contained inside are profound- Everything you need to improve your craft and your life.

  • Boxed Kit 5 X 7 X 1
  • 40 Cards
  • 112 page Guidebook

Deborah Blake

Deborah is a Wiccan high priestess and leader of the eclectic group Blue Moon Circle. She manages the Artisans' Guild, a not-for-profit artists' cooperative shop, and works as a tarot reader and energy healer. Deborah is the author and cocreator of many books and decks, including Everyday Witch Tarot.


Deborah Blake


Elisabeth Alba's

Elisabeth's fantastical work can be seen in magazines, games, and books, including Llewellyn's Magical Almanacs. After growing up in Pennsylvania and Florida, and living in New York City where she earned a master's degree at the School of Visual Arts, Elisabeth settled in Western Massachusetts with her husband, illustrator Scott Murphy, and dog, Rayo. If she's not lost within a creation on her desk, she's usually found reading, checking out local antique shops and museums, playing board games and puzzles, or traveling. She usually works traditionally with ink, watercolor, and gouache.


Elisabeth Alba