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Soul Mirror Oracle


Contemplate with the Soul Mirror Oracle and behold the illuminating power of self-reflection. Unearth the understanding that we are each divine and connected, and use that knowledge to transmute fear, amplify love, and effect tangible change. The mirror of your soul reveals your destiny - use the 44 cards and 240-page guidebook to explore and grow. Packaged in a box with gold foil accents.

  • 44 cards measure 3.22” x 5.47”
  • box measures 4.72” x 6.69”
  • 240-page guidebook included inside box

Sunshine Connelly

Sunshine Connelly is a graphic designer, writer, business developer, and mom of three. As well as founding and selling several startup businesses in Australia, she has helped many people shine a light on their authentic selves and direction through personal and business counseling and mentoring. For Sunshine, we are much more than our physical earth bodies. She is excited to share her visions and philosophies in writing in the hope that they will help some people, guide others, and assist in raising our awareness and the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Ana Novaes

Ana Novaes, better known as Ltg. Art, is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo. She investigates the ancestral myths and stories to build a new perspective on the feminine beyond the iconographic view of the oppressive male gaze. Ana has been in the industry for seven years, and her work published around the world with Disney, HarperCollins, WOW x WOW, Quarto Group, Fictionz Podcasts, Blue Angel Publishing and more. Ana works with mixed techniques including ink, watercolor and gouache on paper, muralism and digital illustration, bringing texture, depth and magic to her work.