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Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck: For Divination and Meditation


Across the world, from ancient history to present, symbols of sacred power have been used to connect to the divine and receive clarity. For over two decades, intuitive Marcella Kroll has been perfecting her Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck to help thousands discover their inner strength. With 50 cards, each embodying a powerful glyph or sigil, this deck is great for meditation, beginning the day with an intuitive reading, or divination. Access the profound wisdom hidden in these ancient symbols and explore your own personal journey with the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck.

  • 50 Cards
  • Guidebook included in box
  • 2 park box

Marcella Kroll is an artist, author, and psychic medium. With 25 years of experience as a Tarot reader, Marcella offers readings and teaches classes that bring you back to your magical empowerment. Marcella is a program presenter for the Los Angeles Public Library, leading courses for teens and tweens on the Tarot. She is the creator and illustrator of The Dreamers Tarot, The Sacred Symbols Oracle, The Roast Iconic Oracle, The Nature-Nurture Oracle, Cutting the Cord Zine, and PRIESTESS - A Magical Grimoire. Marcella is also a contributing writer for Taschen (TAROT) and a public speaker on Divination and Magic for many podcasts and panels worldwide, including the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. As an artist and consultant, she has contributed to the continuity and development of characters for the Film and Television industry and even in the VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming world. Kroll has also exhibited and held artist residencies in galleries worldwide and internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also has original work in the permanent collection of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Museum.