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Lucid Dreams' beginners Tarot - 4th Edition

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Discover the mystical wonder of Tarot with this stunning Beginner Deck, ready for your first foray into the occult and mysticism! Take a leap and enjoy the journey, guided by the user-friendly design and celestial, dreamy artworks. The 78 cards feature traditional Rider-Waite Tarot with a modern edge, plus astrological, zodiac, and elemental keys, plus KEYWORDS for both upright and reverse positions. Soar into a realm of starry-eyed possibility with Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot!

Edition IV • Edition IV is professionally edited and independently published. You spoke and we listened, our pocket guidebook now also fits into a newly crafted book holder section in the back of box. Plus extra note taking space for your Tarot Journey.



• 78-card deck with all Major and Minor Arcana Cards as per the traditional RW Tarot
• Beautiful matte gold card edges for a touch of magic
• Gold foil design details on card front & back
• Luxe linen card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm

Bundle Includes:
• 78- Card Tarot Deck
• 200 page pocket guidebook
• Keepsake card box

Important: All Keywords are in gold foil. This deck is not recommended for those who may have visual difficulties. They are intentionally gold foiled and low-contrast to provide elusive prompts as they reflect the light, rather than bold text displaying all words in an easy-to-read format. This was intentionally crafted to assist and help with growing and developing intuition.