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Minchiate Al Cigno - Bologna 1775 CA.

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The Beautiful Minchiate Al Cigno was originally produced by a manufacturer called Al Cigno around 1775 in Bologna, Italy.  Created for the card game "Minchiate", the deck developed from the second half of the fifteenth century through the elaboration of a normal tarot deck.  The high priestess was eliminated while Prudence, the three theological Virtues, the four elements and the twelve signs of the Zodiac were added.  That is how the deck reached 97 cards. This limited edition, numbered deck is part of Lo Scarabeo's Anima Antiqua (Ancient Soul) series. It is printed on antiqued cardstock and packaged in a sturdy, lift-top box. The deck edition number will be revealed when opening the package.

Boxed deck includes a 97-card deck and instructional booklet.


  • Product Type: Boxed Deck
  • Premium Card stock
  • limited to 3,999 copies
  • Card Size: 2.25" x 4"