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Tarrochi Visconti Di Modrone by Il Meneghello Editions


Handmade in Italy with love and passion the  Il Meneghello editions stunning rendering of the Visconti di-Modrone deck is a pleasure to behold. This deck is believed to be one of the oldest “Visconti” decks know.  Each card is a work of art that  opens a window into the costume, art and traditions of the early renaissance.   Although the deck is very different from today’s Tarot, the creators incorporation of neoplatonic ideals and symbols foreshadows the modern tarot.

  • Il Meneghello: Publisher.
  • Also Known as: Cary - Yale Visconti
  • 15th Century Italian Iconography, Commissioned by the Visconti Family
  • The original 67 Cards
  • Includes Cristina Dorsini’s book I Tarocchi Visconti di Modrone, with a detailed analysis and history of the of the deck in English
  • Card Size: 3.5" W x 7.25" L
  • Card Backs: Reversible Pattern
  • Cardstock: Quality Grade, Matte Cardstock
  • World Card Fixed Atop w/ Signature Hot Wax Seal
  • each deck is new and sealed,
  • comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity card and the creator's wax seal on the box