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Maybe Lenormand


Maybe Lenormand honors the Lenormand tradition with stylized illustrations that convey the core meaning at the heart of each card. Expanding the 36-card Petit Lenormand, designer Ryan Edward has created 16 additional cards to complete a 52-card pack, following the heritage of fortune telling cards based on playing card decks. Set includes 72-page illustrated guidebook with keywords, meanings and instructions for reading with either 36 or 52 cards.

  •  US Games 
  • Size 52 cards, 2.25” x 3.5” Box, 5.5” x 4.25”
  • Language EN
  • Author Ryan Edward
  • Artist Ryan Edward

Ryan Edward

Ryan is an illustrator and card student in St Louis, Missouri. He picked up a pack of Tarot cards for his own side art project. The study of cards became as much of an obsession as the art. Lenormand is his preferred pack, and in 2014-2015 used his studies to create the “Maybe Lenormand” 52 card deck both as a hand-painted original and the US Games edition. He continues to practice Lenormand daily, focusing on the nuances of the Grand Tableau, while working on future projects.


I think it’s a fair statement to make, as the proprietor of a small Metaphysical Shoppe I have seen a lot of different Lenormand decks. It’s more then fair to say I own quite a few as well. Now my personal preference in decks is the reproductions of vintage decks from the 1800’s but I do admire and own quite a few of the more modern decks. My heart still is in the vintage decks until……

 Maybe Lenormand 1

I am not even sure how I found out about this deck but I must say it changed my mind about decks all together. Ryan Edward is an artist of such talent that you sort of pinch yourself when you see these cards. Why you ask, good question I say!

Many cards today, and no insult to them at all, are files pieced together and very nicely so from jpegs, old images, etc and worked in various programs to achieve the effect they want – not this deck. Ryan as an artist created each and every one of these cards as its own painting if you will. Add to the fact that this artist is also a Reader of quite a high caliber and well you get things that look like this –

 Maybe Lenormand 2


 Maybe Lenormand 3


Maybe Lenormand 4

and the backs of the cards are sort of special as well!

 Maybe Lenormand 5

So with these types of images you can see how the colors while soft and gentle, pop out. The images hold the complexity of the meanings of Lenormand but keep them so simple that to read with them within a Grand Tableau is an absolute joy. And did you notice the playing cards inserts (a must in my world) and that in the one example of a court card it is also so much a piece of art in and of itself? And guess what you look at all the Court Card inserts and they have, dare I say it, PERSONALITY!!

So now there is also the name of the deck Maybe Lenormand and for those of you with sharp eyes on the first image another give away that this deck is a bit more. There are 52 cards to this deck, yes I said 52 cards. The first 36 are your standard Lenormand style/system cards while 37-52 bring in such things as –

 Maybe Lenormand 6

Yep that’s Cupid there as you can tell from the playing card insert Ryan added those as well. What you have is an amazing deck that you can take from the Lenormand Realm into – the Maybe Lenormand Realm and I must admit that realm is quite a nice place.

So as you can see I am quite the fan of this deck – pardon me – 52 pieces of pure artwork I can use for divination, and I am sure you will be as well.