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The Fountain Tarot Journal: A Year in 52 Readings


Turn your favorite tarot deck into a weekly ritual of reflection and self-discovery.

This guided journal from the bestselling 
Fountain Tarot creators offers both a comprehensive introduction to the art of reading tarot as well as prompts and writing space to transform your tarot readings into a regular tool as you chart your inner journey.
Inspired by the popular 
Fountain Tarot, but adaptable for use with any tarot deck, the book includes instructions on how to read tarot for beginners, including an introduction to tarot basics and detailed sample spreads and readings. Once you’ve mastered Tarot 101, The Fountain Tarot Journal then helps you turn your deck into a weekly practice that can help reveal your growth, obstacles, and key patterns in your life—empowering you with a greater sense of clarity and self-understanding.
For use with 
The Fountain Tarot or your tarot deck of choice, this journal includes:

·         Prompts for each week of the year
·         Guides to 3-, 5-, and 10-card spreads
·         Space to reflect on your readings and record insights
·         Quarterly check-ins
·         Card of the Year exercise
Draw a card and journal as you set your intention for each week, before setting a goal or making a major life change, or whenever you need more reflection, connection, or peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to expand your tarot knowledge or integrate tarot into your daily life, 
The Fountain Tarot Journal is here to help