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Inca Aromas all-natural fair-trade incense. Frankincense, promoting meditation and spirituality

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Pure and Noble Frankincense has been used for over 5,000 years in religious and ceremonial rituals.  Considered the original incense, it's revered in cultures all over the world for it's magical proprieties that help heighten the spiritual state, promote realization, and deepen mediation. Available in a box of 4 or 9  extra wide Incense sticks.  The sticks are approximately 5 inches long and each stick burns for around 90 minutes.

In a unique and handcrafted formula, Inca incense sticks are thicker and have a longer burning time than traditional incense sticks. The Essential oils, resins, herbs, leaves, bark, aromatic woods and concentrated oils used are all free of petroleum derivatives, animal origin or testing. In fact, every part of the production, from the toothpick made from reforested wood, charcoal from conscious and certified harvest to the recyclable packaging, made with recycled papers, are all mindful elements that are part of the unique alchemy that is Inca Aromas.

  • Each box contains 4 or 9 Incense sticks. The Sticks are extra wide and approximately 5 inches long.
  • Each stick burns for approximately 90 min.
  • Careful and artisanal manufacturing
  • Natural, Craft and Therapeutic Incense
  • Non-Toxic

Incense has been used universally in ritual and ceremony for thousands of years. Burning incense can be very relaxing and help you create a more sacred space. It's a perfect complement for Tarot readings and is often used for meditation, yoga, or just relaxing at the end of the day.

Always burn your incense in an appropriate fireproof incense burner that will collect the ash as it falls.  Inca Aroma’s sticks are known to have a slightly larger toothpick. Please be sure that the stick end fits securely into your holder before burning.  Like a candle, a lit incense stick should not be left unattended. Always burn your incense completely before falling off to sleep. 

  • Hold your stick with the exposed wooden toothpick pointed down. Light the tip as you would a candle and make sure that you develop a full flame.
  • Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds, then gently blow out the flame.
  • Check the incense tip where the flame was. If your incense was lit correctly, you will see a small glowing ember and a small amount of smoke coming from the tip. If there is no smoke or ember, you may need to repeat the steps above and allow the flame to burn for slightly longer before blowing out the flame.
  • After your stick is lit you can gently secure it into the incense holder. Be sure that the tip of the incense is within the boundary of the incense burner, so that any ash can be collected in the burner. 
  • Enjoy the aroma of your incense