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Green Glyphs Lenormand


Discover the excellent story telling properties  of the Lenormand with James R. Eads's beautiful Green Glyphs Lenormand. Jump right in and read the cards in pairs or triplets to get quick practical information on events, people, and places or unleash real magic of Lenormand and layout all 36 cards in a Grand Tableau. The cards are color coded to allow the reader to adapt to the deck quickly.  The Gold and Yellow cards are positive.  The orange cards represent difficulties. A full color 80 page guide is included  to answer all you questions about Lenormand. Also contains 40 pages showing card meanings and example combinations plus instructions on how to read a Grand Tableau. 

  • 40 high quality cards printed on 350 gsm soft touch matte paper.
  • cards are standard playing card size (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
  • 80 page full color guide (measuring 4 x 6.5 inches)
  • Keepsake box with magnetic flip top
  • Creator James R. Eads

James R. Eads  is a Los Angeles based surreal impressionist who explores ideas of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking and new digital media. In his work, James challenges the concrete reality that we live in – he plays with color and motion to form a world of believable fiction. Like a map to a new world, his pieces act as illustrations for something unknown. This feeling of discovery is sometimes lost in adulthood - the world is seen more clearly and the exciting feeling of wonderment begins to dissipate. James holds on to wonderment and scatters it throughout his work in an attempt to remind those who have forgotten about the excitement in the world. 


James currently resides in Los Angeles and runs a screen printing studio near DTLA where he works with a small team to create high quality limited edition prints and special projects. For available work please visit his shop.