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Kamasutra Tarot

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In this unique Tarot, images inspired by traditional 17 and 18th century Indian erotic art and the Tarot model are combined to create a totally unique deck. True to the the original ancient Kama Sutra sanskrit, the images here are very explicit and show couples involved in various sexual relations. THis deck makes a wonderful addition to a diverse Tarot collection and can be used for unique readings focused on desire, sexuality, and emotional fulfillment.

The author suggests that you should "study each card, experience its energy and subtle message first-hand, and draw your own conclusions as to the message the card has for you," The Little White Booklet included also provides proposed meanings of the cards which follow the RWS interpretations. The Author states that Wands represent the theme of desire and creation, Cups stress the importance of the "passive aspect of sexuality," Swords emphasize the "aggressive aspect of sexuality," and Coins suggest "the flat, passive expanse of the earth element."

This deck contains explicit content and can only be purchased by adults.

  •   Lo Scarabeo
  • Boxed Deck 3 x 5 x 1 IN 
  • English, Spanish
  • 78 full-color cards
  • Instruction booklet