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The Byzantine Tarot

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The stunning Byzantine Tarot by John Matthews is back in a beautiful and faithful 2nd edition.  The first tarot deck inspired by the Byzantine Empire, this sumptuous and evocative package will appeal to all those with an interest in history, ancient kingdoms, iconography and history of art. The Byzantine world, which lasted from 330 to 1453 CE, combined the elegance and power of Rome with the opulence and splendor of the Orient. This combination brought about richness in the world of art, literature, and spirituality that has seldom been equaled. Yet it also has a mysterious resonance, and it is to this world of emperors and empresses, saints and sinners, faith and miracles that the creators of this dazzling tarot have turned, capturing the Byzantine vision, magic, and enchantment.


  • 78 Cards 3" X 5" 
  • 160 page book
  • Author John Matthews
  • Artist CIlla Conway