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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.
Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.

TarotArts Reviews

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I absolutely love my deck. The artwork is impeccable and I love the texture of the cards. 10/10 must have.

Molto Bella!

Very nice and beautiful deck, I bought it to play the traditional game(s) and this wonderful deck satisfies that desire excellently. Not the easiest to shuffle, but personally I can definitely get over that. Processing and shipping was excellent as well.

I'm enjoying the artwork in this deck

Manara Tarot
Jade Babcock

Manara Tarot

Wonderful Store

I have made several purchases from Tarot Arts and am so pleased with everything about the experience. The selection of decks and related items is fantastic and each deck comes with a beautiful little velvet pouch. The response is quick and packages arrive nicely packed with a personal thank you! I love Tarot Arts, best online tarot shop ever!!!!!

Beautiful Deck

This deck is fantastic! If you’re on the fence l I like I was, just get it. It doesn’t disappoint. ♥️

Creative, dreamy

why so many planets? there are planets on the back of each and every card, the art is "spacey and dreamy" and is beautiful, a bit on the "high fantasy" side.
I saw this same standard Llewelyn Tarot/deck boxset done in so much better ways in the past that I can help to think they could have done a much better work with the box art

Another beautiful hidden gem here!

Another beautiful hidden gem here! it might look like is more "childish" at first sight than it is, but it does have a strong Latin-American influence.
The most noticeable characteristic of this deck is the card size, they are more comprehensive than normal cards, considerably wider, and might be a bit hard to shuffle for some people
I love the images and their "modern latin-american" art style and how they differentiate the suits by the usage of appropriate dominating colors (blue for cups, golde for pentacles, etc)

Talking about fancy Boxes and cards.....

This deck comes in a box with fabric coverage!!! can you believe that? no one mentions that and I was so surprised to see it! so the box is a slide-in sleeve, and is cover in this gorgeous Blue fabric (so fancy!)
the cards are fantastic, love the printing quality and the finishings, it has an "older" feel to it. absolutely a higher quality product, very unique

Interesting deck - Love the images

I love the images and the card quality, all of them are suspended in a white background, and the art is beautiful.
it has 4 extra cards that are just a variation of the tower by different acts of God such as fire, flooding, and Hurricanes, but in the end, is the same idea, it just adds the "how would you escape from the fire/flooding/hurricane, etc" type of idea where they try to make imagine how to navigate those issues by "going with the flow" or "allowing the fire purify" but is the same as the tower.
Other extra characters are also variations of other major arcana, i have the same opinion, is ok, but in the end, is just a slightly different angle of the same energy
If you have ever seen the "Pagan Otherworlds" deck by UUSI, this is the same deck with different art, I mean is the same card stock, and comes in the same box, and also you need to purchase the book separately, is the same format of a standard product with different art, which is not bad, is a super high-quality product, just adding the reference in case you seen one, is the same nice "vinyl" type of card

Should come for free with the deck

Not impressed at all with the $24 price, black and white p[rinted in the cheapest paper possible, and on top of that short, there is absolutely nothing special here, you wont learn anything extra about the deck, I purchase it for the self-proclaim "channeling" of the book, is nothing more than some random commentary on the same old Tarot cards, un-inspired, this should absolutely come as a part of the deck, specially since the deck is quite expensive, adding the extra $24 for 180 pages of basic R-W-S explanations is not worth it

Absolute hidden Gem!

so happy to have found this hidden Gem here, it's exotic, daring, raw, is a fever dream with grotesque imagery that doesnt look like anyhing else in my collection
This is a mature / Adult content type of deck, is design for shadow work, and it really goes deep into it. Looks like a collection of paintings from some future-villain lock into a psyquitric ward using art to explore his dark psyque, and i love it!
another thing here, these are probably the best quality cards i have bought, they are almost PVC like
The box is blood red with golden accents and its georgous! absolutelly go for it!

Tarot Pierre Cheminade

The tarot is beautiful, great quality. Delivery was fast and tarot was packed with great care. Thank you!

Love it!

Probably one of the best decks I’ve had. The artwork is amazing and so very detailed, along with a theme and brief statement to focus on. And shipping is the fastest with you guys! Thank you!

Tarot La Corte dei Tarocchi

I’m very happy with my orders. Tarot La Corte dei Tarocchi is really beautiful, the graphics are full of poetry and very inspiring.

I loved

It is my new favorite tarot cards, also the shipping was super fast and well packaged

Stunning Deck

Beautifully rendered images on excellent quality stock with exquisite velvety finish. RWS-true, standard size, keepsake “book” box, black edges. No booklet. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an RWS deck with some oomph.

Cards are powerful and important!

I love these cards! What a breath of fresh air after centuries of patriarchal imagery! I deeply appreciate the balance and integration of Feminine and Masculine Energies. Love to give them as gifts.

Excellent product and service. Thank you very much!

Fantastic Deck of Cards

This deck is everything I hoped for. The artwork is absolute perfection and I had an immediate connection with it. I love how it puts a spin on the traditional major and minor arcana categories. This deck has a practical vibe to it for me. It's straightforward, accurate, and hopeful. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a woodsy-themed deck.

Gorgeous deck and great customer service

This deck is absolutely gorgeous. Art is beautiful and easy to interpret even without the booklet. It adds extra inside perspective on images if one is familiar with some slavic fairy tales and legends but it is not required.
I bought both sizes. I use smaller one for readings and bigger I saved for myself because I love the art. Both decks are easy to shuffle and quality of paper is great, so I think both decks will last for a long time.
Customer service is incredible. I placed several orders and each one was perfect. Very fast shipping and everything wrapped so beautifully. The whole experience of buying from TarotArts is amazing. I will be back to buy more and I already told my friends about TarotArts. (I am actually bringing both of my Slavic tarot decks tomorrow with me to show to me friends).

Fantastic deck!

I really love the Motherpeace Mini Tarot! I’ve always been an oracle card person, never fully taking the time to learn Tarot. This deck explains the suits and has given me a better understanding of how traditional tarot decks are read. The cards are easy to connect with and have fantastic artwork. I feel like this mini deck is spot on accurate! It’s become one of my go to favorites now!


As usual, a beautiful deck from a trusted and gifted creator. A wonderful experience with Tarot Arts.

Satisfied Customer

Love the deck. Excellent customer service. Received item quickly, as described, and in good condition. Recommend seller.

Beautiful Set!

Every card is beautifully detailed, and the accompanying booklet was a joy to read!